We create
modern effective convincing Excellent
and Slides

We create
modern effective convincing Excellent
Presentations and Slides

thanks to which YOU will be remembered, show your professional side and build trust. Reach your goals and enjoy cooperation with us and the results!

Business presentations for companies for various occasions
– ready even in 2 days.
5 turns of completely free revisions

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...They have already experienced our quality. And you?

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Our main Services

Excellent quality. Fast turnaround. Affordable price.

Excellent quality.
Fast turnaround. Affordable price.

Pitch Deck, sales, business, investment presentation, for fairs, conferences or meetings? In the form of PowerPoint/ Pdf file/ video with animations, transitions and background music?

These are just some of the types of presentations that we can create for you.

for speech

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Very little text, lots of photos and visualization. It is best for stage performances, storytelling, speeches, conferences, etc. It is only a visual aid and not the main element of the speech.


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So a presentation that already contains a lot of text, it is a well-designed presentation to be read by yourself, to be sent by e-mail, etc. There is no person presenting the presentation.
business presentationsArtboard 1

Business presentation

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Something between a presentation for a speech and a slide document. Average amount of text. It will work best at a sales meeting, pitch deck, product presentation, event presentation, presentation for trade fairs, webinar, etc.


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Presentation in the form of an animated movie. We add background music, interesting animations and transitions. It will work great on a website and as a promotional video of the company, etc. There is no person presenting the presentation here.

We modify and improve also existing presentations and create individual PowerPoint templates

We are not an agency that does "everything" - instead we focused only on designing effective presentations and slides. That is why we are experts in it and customers appreciate it.

We use Photoshop and the latest PowerPoint 2022 (the most advanced and the best presentation design program, because we’ve checked all of them). Thanks to this, you get a ready presentation that can be edited at any time. We also export our PowerPoint presentations as pdfs / animated videos with music in the background.

If you don’t believe in PowerPoint 2022 possibilities then check out our Portfolio below or watch our Showreel / Our Video Presentation above. Your future presentation will look so good too!

"Bad Slides kill Good Ideas" - Modern design simply pays off and gives you a return on investment

Large successful companies have already understood that people and customers judge by first impression


❌Even if your product / service is the best on the market, people will not believe it anyway, because your graphic design looks like it was 40 years old. People judge by what they see.

You make a bad impression on the recipients and they automatically attribute to you / your company negative traits (which are not true). You show yourself on the unprofessional side and don’t build trust

Audience forgets about your presentation immediately

Presentation is boring,not engaging and ineffective, which means you do not achieve your goal

❌and many more negatives that simply wastes your time, money, opportunities and business opportunities …


✅People are immediately convinced that your product / service is the best on the market and it is you / your company that they will choose for cooperation, so you will earn a lot of money and gain new customers – you will increase your sales.

✅You immediately inspire trust and professionalism, people immediately attribute positive features to you / your company

You stay in the memory of recipients for a long time

✅ The presentation is effective and you achieve your goal

✅and many more positives that make your company grow and be better …

Our related Services

We mainly specialize in creating presentations, but as graphic designers we also do other things. In addition to standard services, we will design for you a simple logo, business card, poster, banner, catalog, social media graphics, invitation or whatever you need at a given moment.

Why you need Professional Presentation?

The first impression is the key to success.
Impress your audience from the very first slide!

The first impression is the key to success.
Impress your audience from the very first slide!


You will gain new customers.


You will be seen as a modern company.


You will build trust and proffesionalism.


You will make the best first impression in your life


You will convince investors and bosses.

What are our Presentations?


Our presentations convince the recipient, so thanks to them you will gain more customers so you will earn more money


We create catchy designs based on the psychology of colors. You can be sure that you will be remembered well!


We follow trends. In our presentations, you will find minimalist, modern elements that will have a real impact on your audience.

What clients think about us?

How clients rated us so far?

Surveys were anonymous and performed by only our clients.

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Why choose ExcellentSlides?

Others do good slides. We create Excellent Slides.

Others do good slides.
We create Excellent Slides.


We approach each project individually, so there are never and never will be two similar presentations.


This is what our company is known for. We create great, quality projects. Almost 100 people have already trusted us! Join them and enjoy a great presentation!


We assure you that you are in the hands of experts. We know what we do - after all, we've created our own educational products, books and courses.

Customer Service

We help with every problem. If you feel unsure, have any questions or something doesn't work, please write to us - we'll be happy to help!

Customer Relation

You are the most important to us. You, your product, your company. We do not care about selling, but about a unique bond and solving your problem. We want your business to be even better!


years of experience
(so you will be in good hands)


projects completed
(customers were delighted with the results)


different countries
(we are trusted by large foreign companies))

Portfolio - recent projects

You focus on your business. We represent it Excellently.

Step by step - How does it work?

01 – Contact

We talk about your needs together. We establish an action strategy and terms of cooperation. We get information about your vision of the project, deadline and everything else.

02 – Materials

After starting cooperation, you send us all the necessary information to be included in the presentation. Remember that we do not do research.

03 – Initial Concept

After getting the information, we send you the first 3 test slides for your approval. We want you to receive a personalized product from us, therefore we care about your satisfaction.

04 – Revisions

As part of the offer, you can request 5 turns of revisions. And it’s free! We want your presentation to be perfect.

05 – The last version

Once we correct everything you need, you get the final version. We teach you how to turn on the presentation and we answer your questions.

06 – Payment

Finally, you make the payment and we send you an invoice. That’s it. We wish you a good day! Remember that you can always count on us 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Each presentation is priced separately – some are more difficult and the other easier. No two projects are the same.

How long doest it take?

It depends on the presentation, its implementation difficulty and the number of slides. For example, making a presentation that will have 20 slides takes us 3-7 days, but you can be sure that your presentation will be ready on time and even before the deadline.

Is my data confidential?

Of course. As a company, we care about our clients’ data. We are committed to ensuring that the information does not get beyond our relationship. If you want, we can sign a confidentiality clause (NDA).

Where are you based?

We come from Poland, a country in Central and Eastern Europe. The execution of the project does not depend on the time zone – we can work when you sleep 🙂

What programs do you use?

We use the best presentation software – the latest version of PowerPoint. In addition, we use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make your project unique and, above all, to draw people’s attention.

What about payment?

We adapt the type of payment to you, but usually we take an advance payment for your own safety.

What visual materials do you use?

We mainly use photos – both yours, e.g. photos of your team and stock images. In addition, we rely on maps, icons and charts that perfectly illustrate what you have to convey. A picture is worth 1000 words.

There is no risk, because...

We can prepare about 4 test slides on a no-obligation basis - so you don't have to pay for the whole presentation

This allows you to see our quality live - if you decide that you want to work with us, then we will start designing the whole presentation - but if by some reasons you don't like anything, then you don't have to pay for the whole project
Thanks to this, there is no risk

Let's contact!

Invest in the image of your company now.
When you wait your competition develops.

Usually we respond within 30 minutes because your time is important for us (if you don't see the email, check Offers/ Spam folder)
At the moment, we have a lot of projects and the response time may be extended to 1 day.

If you want to send us an email, here is our adress

About us

Creating Presentations is our Art.
We do what we love. And we love what we do.

We focus on the highest quality products. We want you to be satisfied. We want your business to prosper better. We care about each one individually. That’s why we like to take up challenges. If you have any – feel free to write! Your satisfaction matters to us.

Kamil Kenar - owner and managing director

An expert with over +5 years of experience in working with PowerPoint / presentations and slides. Author of 2  books and numerous trainings, webinars and online courses. He has worked for both smaller companies and larger ones, e.g. Polpharma, Aluprof, SOM (an architectural office that designed the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa)

ExcellentSlides – we offer presentation design and presentation creation services. As a presentation design agency, we create professional multimedia presentations, business presentations for companies, we create various types of presentations. We design custom business presentations, most often as a .pdf file / PowerPoint presentation / video presentation – animated movie presentation.

We design business presentations, company presentations, pitch deck presentations, presentations for conferences, presentations for companies, presentations for online meetings, financial presentations,  powerpoint presentations, commercial presentations, sales presentations, presentations about the company, scientific presentations, investment presentations, pitch decks, startup presentations, presentations for business, animated and static presentations, powerpoint presentations for companies.

Our multimedia presentations are modern, effective and pretty.

We use animation and add the “WOW” effect. We create professional presentations and excellent presentations.

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