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Our main Services

Excellent quality. Fast turnaround. Affordable price.

Excellent quality.
Fast turnaround. Affordable price.

We create all types of presentations: Animated Videos, Slideuments, Slidedocs, Meetings, Webinars, Conferences, Slide decks, Fundraising Deck, Pitch Decks, Marketing Presentations, Business Presentations, Product Presentations, Business Proposals, Finance Presentations, Sales Presentations, Company Presentations, Events Presentations, Corporate Presentations, E-mail Presentations, Data Visualization, Internal Communication and Special Projects.

Excellent Presentations

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PowerPoint Presentations for speeches, conferences, webinars etc. We don't use lots of texts, animations and enhancements because your audience needs to focus on you - not presentation. But we also create slidedocs, slideuments, business proposals and more content-heavy presentations. You'll receive a PowerPoint Presentation File (.pptx/ .ppsx) or .pdf.


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On our E-Shop, you can purchase ready PowerPoint Templates, Books and Courses. They are all about effective presentation design, PowerPoint program, public speaking and modern design.
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Animated Videos

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PowerPoint Presentations in form of an Animated Videos that can promote your company/ products, explain something etc. We use lots of dynamic animations and enhancements because there is no speaker - audience focus only on the video. We also add music in the background. You'll receive just normal Video File (.mp4)

We also modify presentations and create individual templates.

Our related Services

We are designers. We design things.

We specialize in Presentation Design. But we also create simple logos, business cards, Photoshop editing, banners, posters, catalogues, images for social media, invitations and anything you will need.

Why you need Professional Presentation?

First impression is crucial. Make it Excellently with us!

First impression is crucial.
Make it Excellently with us!


You will gain new customers.


You will be seen as a modern company.


You will build trust and proffesionalism.


You will make an excellent first impression on your audience.


You will convince investors and bosses.

How are our Presentations?


Our Presentations will persuade your audience so you will generate more leads, customers and money.


Our Presentations are catchy and memorable so your audience will remember your company.


Our Presentations are appealing and modern so your audience will know that you are a proffesionalist.

What clients think about us?

We are experts in this field. Clients appreciate that.

How clients rated us so far?

Surveys were anonymous and performed by only our clients.

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Why choose ExcellentSlides?

Others do good slides. We create Excellent Slides.

Others do good slides.
We create Excellent Slides.


We approach each project individually. We are open to new ideas. If you choose us, you will receive a distinctive, tailor-made, Excellent Presentation.


This is where our name comes from - ExcellentSlides. We have always been, we still are and we will always be creating for the best quality and your satisfaction.


We are experts in this field. We even create products about presentations. You know your business - we know how to present it excellently.

Customer Help

We will help you comprehensively if you might have any problems or inconveniences. We will explain you everything with easy language.

Customer Relation

Our most important thing is you. Your company. Your satisfaction. We don't want to just sell you our Products. We build relation and trust with you.

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You focus on your business. We represent it Excellently.

How does it work?


We talk about your needs and about the service that will suit you best. We set the conditions of cooperation. We talk about the deadline. We tell you an approximate price. We try to understand your situation. 


You send us the necessary information that we will be able to use in the presentation, for instance as Word/ PowerPoint File, but we can also use texts from your website.  We do not do any research.
You can also send us visual materials,e.g. photos of your team/ products if you like.

Initial Concept

We send you about 3 slides of the initial concept of the presentation. You share the feedback with us. We want to make sure you are fully satisfied and the presentation will be Excellent.


We make revisions and changes to your Presentation. There are 3 free turns of revisions. Your Presentation has to be perfect, ideal and Excellent. That's why we offer you free revisions.

The last version

Now, after necessary revisions - your Presentation is Excellent. We send you the last version. We help you with how to use the Presentation and we answer your question if you have some.
You share the last feedback.


You pay for our service. We send you an invoice. We say goodbye, wish you a great day and a happy life.
You can always count on us 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's difficult to say because we evaluate each Presentation individually. Every Presentation is different. There are easy and complicated ones.

It's difficult to say because every Presentation is different. It depends on amount of slides and difficulty. Usually 20 slides Presentation takes us about 3 - 7 days.

We care about your safety. Your data is of course confidential. We cannot afford ourselves your data to be shown to the public people. We can sign NDA contract

We are based in Poland, Central Europe.
It is +2h UTC so we can work when you sleep.

We use the most advanced program to create presentations - PowerPoint. We also use additional programs like Photshop or Illustrator to adjust the photos and prepare interesting images.

We can adjust the payment to your needs.
But usually we charge an advance for our safety.

You can send us some photos that would be useful to create your Presentation, e.g. the photo of your Team. But you don't have to.

We use icons, photos, images, charts, maps and anything that visualizes the best your idea.

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Invest in the image of your company now.
When you wait your competition develops.

About us

Creating Presentations is our Art.
We do what we love. And we love what we do.

We love creating high-quality Products and Presentations.
We love making you glad. We are extremely creative and we go beyond the usual patterns. We like to take up challenges and your satisfaction is the most important thing.

Our Mission

To be a painter of your information.
To help people visualize their ideas that change the world and improve the future of mankind.

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