The best PowerPoint animation with numbers. Digits animation in PowerPoint


Hi! In this Article I will teach you a little bit more about animations in PowerPoint. Generally, PowerPoint is not the best program to create animations and transitions. However, since PowerPoint 2016 you can use Morph Transition that is AMAZING! More about Morph in future Articles.

One more thing before we start. Animations are quite difficult to explain with words. So I also created a video about this animation. You can watch it by clicking here 🙂


Alright, let’s get into it. So as you can see, this animation is neat, minimalistic, there are only 3 elements that we see. Black rectangle, and two digits. By the way I used Montserrat font but you can use any font you want.



1 – Creating digits

Alright so we need to create a tall textbox. Insert textbox and in it just type digits from 0 to 9, but there is one important thing. We want them to be under the previous digit so every time you want to type next digit just click ENTER.  Now, let’s duplicate this textbox by shortcut Ctrl + D. Do not set a lot of space between them. Now let’s group them by shortcut Ctrl + G and position them at the centre and in the middle – you will find these features in Shape Format section and just click Align (on the right side).



2 – Creating white rectangles

Just insert rectangles that will be in the colour of our background, so in my situation white. Place them at the top and at the bottom. Adjust the size of them to cover all the textboxes, we want to be able to see only 2 digits at the perfect middle.


3 – Creating a black rectangle

That’ll be really easy, just insert a black rectangle, it needs to be thin and wide, place it at really bottom of the top white rectangle, and align it to the middle. So now if we drag these textboxes with digits, we can see a cool effect, like this black rectangle would “eat” these digits.


4 – Animating it

A tough one. There are some ways to do it. The first – just add Fly out animation to both textboxes with digits – set direction to the top.  You can always add Smooth End to this animation that looks really good – so double click on this animation in Animation Pane, a new window will pop up. And there just select Smooth End to set the duration to the maximum. Of course, do not forget to set the duration of this Fly Out animation also.

The second way is to add animation as Motion Paths – Lines. I used this one. So if you choose this animation to your both textboxes with digits, 2 ovals – red and green and a dashed line will pop up. Green oval is the place where the animation starts and a red where the animation ends. The dashed line indicates just the path. Of course, you can move these 2 ovals, so you can change the start point or the endpoint of this animation. Alright. So like earlier, here it’ll be good to add Smooth End to this animation. So identically like before, just double click on this animation in Animation Pane, a new window will pop up, and set Smooth End to the maximum. Now we need to set a duration of this animation. Set more duration if you want the animation to be slower, or less duration if you wish it to be quicker. I set about 5 seconds.

Now, a crucial thing, we have to adjust these 2 ovals of this animation, so green and red ovals – start and end points. We want the animation to start from digit 0 so let’s position this green oval (start point) to the place, where our digit 0 will be perfectly in a middle of the slide (so these two whites rectangles will not cover it). It’s hard to explain it to you, but you will see the preview of it so it will be easier for you. Now adjust the green oval (end point) in the same way. Now do the same animations to the second textbox with digits – you can use Animation Painter. Let’s delay the animation of the second textbox a little bit, for example for 0.25 seconds.



5 – The last textboxes

Just add a textbox with “%”, and a textbox “customers are happy with our service”. Align them to the middle, you can animate them if you wish.


That’s all. It was really hard for me to explain this animation to you. Generally explaining as an Article PowerPoint animations is quite difficult so you can always watch a tutorial about it by clicking here.


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