SHADOW in PowerPoint

SHADOW in PowerPoint – how to add and modify it?

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Hi! In this Article you will learn how to add, use, edit and modify shadows in PowerPoint. Text shadow and shape shadow.

As usual, you can watch a tutorial about the shadow in PowerPoint by clicking right here.

Alright, let’s get started.


How to add shadow in PowerPoint?

First, you need to create any object, let’s say a rectangle. Now set the colour and outline if you wish. Right-click on it and go to “Format Shape”, a new window will pop up. Now click “Effects” (the middle icon in Format Shape window). Some features will appear, among others Shadow. Click on it. Now we will talk about how to edit and modify the shadow in PowerPoint.


How to edit and modify it in PowerPoint?

There are some options that we can modify: Presets, Colour, Transparency, Size, Blur, Angle, Distance.

First things first – Presets. Of course, you can use some of the ready presets, but I do not recommend them. You can always edit that shadow manually. It’s really simple and after reading this Article you will know how to do it.
BUT. If you want to create Perspective or Inner shadow, then I CERTAINLY recommend using those presets, because it’s the only way to create those shadows. But usually, you will be using just a normal shadow – so outer shadow. By the way Inner shadow looks really interesting and may be useful in some of your PowerPoint projects.


So now we will talk about the options that we can modify.


Just set the colour of your shadow. Usually, it will be pure black (you’ll set transparency soon).



Set from 0 – 100. Transparency means how much transparent the shadow will be. So how much visible it’ll be.



Just the size of your shadow. Usually, you want to set 100%



This is an important option. If you want the shadow to be crisp – set the blur to 0. But usually, you will be setting blur to about 30 points.


In which angle you would the shadow to be displayed? From top to bottom? Or maybe from right to left? Play around with these options.



Just set the distance. Set the distance to 0 if you want the shadow to has the same length in every direction.



Do you want to create a creative slide in PowerPoint? Click here and learn how.


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