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PowerPoint Slide Design – Exclusive Slide


Hi, after reading this Article you will learn how to Design PowerPoint Slide – Exclusive Slide in Powerpoint. As always if you want to watch a tutorial about this Slide Design in PowerPoint– you can click the link here.


How to make a slide exclusive?

That’s sometimes difficult. But usually, you will just need to use black colour a lot. And a white colour matches to black, so in this Slide Design, I used those colours. I set background to pure black.


At the top, I inserted a photo of skyscrapers. I made it Greyscale – so I set Saturation to 0%. That’s how to do it. You need to select your photo, ho to Picture Format and in Color Saturation choose the really left option – Saturation 0%

powerpoint slide design


I also inserted a rectangle on top of this photo – I set colour to black and transparency to 50% – that’s why we will still see the photo, but it’ll be more dark.


Title and body texts

The next thing is to add title and body texts. I used Work Sans font and I just inserted a title in middle right are of the slide. I set colour to white. And to add this kind of negative space I inserted a black rectangle under the title

I inserted some body texts by using Lorem Ipsum . I set the colour to dark grey. This will let our audience to focus first on our Title – because white is more contrasting colour than dark grey. It also our body texts will not stand out so much. That’s what we want


Last little objects in our PowerPoint Slide Design

Now, it’s a boring slide. So let’s add some shapes. I think white, thin rectangles will look cool. So I just inserted 3 of them. 1 on the right, 1 on the left of the title and the last one right under the title.


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