Modern PowerPoint Design

Modern PowerPoint Design – modern slide


Hi! In this Article I will teach you how to design modern slide in PowerPoint. So let’s get started.
The main object on this slide is photo creatively cropped to these rectangles. So let’s start from here. It’ll be a difficult time but I will show you how to do that quickly and without a problem.

You can watch a tutorial about the modern slide in PowerPoint by clicking here.


Creating photo creatively cropped to these rectangles.

First, insert a photo on the right. Choose which you want. I decided to insert New York’s skyscrapers photo. Next thing is to create rectangles that will match the size to these rectangles that the photo is cropped to. So let’s do so.

Now, make 2 copies of those rectangles and position them, one under and one above. Now distribute them vertically, so you have to select them from top to bottom or from bottom to top, go to Shape Format tab and in Align select Distribute Vertically. Because we want the same distances between them. Move some of these groups a little bit to the top.

Alright, now we need to select these 3 rectangles and group them by Ctrl + G. Now, we still have these 3 shapes but they are all in group.

Alright, now make some duplicates of this group and position them to the right and left (the last group has to end at the right end of slide). Alright, select all of them from left to right or from right to left and we have to distribute them horizontally. Now a little advanced one. We have to ungroup all of these groups – select all of them and use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + G. Now we have a lot of rectangles. Once more, select all of them and now go to the Shape Format, Merge Shapes and Union them. As you can see, now it’s only one shape – that is how we want them. Alright, now select photo as a first and this shape as a second and go to the Shape Format, Merge Shapes and Intersect Them. Now it looks really AMAZING.

Alright, now there will be easier things.



Just insert a textbox and type there your title.


Line – divider

Insert a rectangle that is really thin. We will use it as a divider between title and a body text


Body text

I just used Lorem Ipsum, click here if you don’t know what it is. 


Quote section

I just inserted a white rectangle with a cool shadow. If you don’t know to add and edit shadow, click the link before.

I also insrted a textbox with a quote, and under it – an author.


I used everywhere “Raleway” font. That’ it. That’s the way how to design modern slide in PowerPoint.

Thanks for reading this Article!

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