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How to hide slides and unhide slides in PowerPoint? How to hide slides during slide show?

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Hi! In this article, you will learn how to hide slide and unhide slide in PowerPoint. You can also watch a tutorial about hiding slides right here.

Why would I want to hide slides in PowerPoint?

That’s a great question! You have some modes in PowerPoint. The most usual is edit mode – so just a normal mode of PowerPoint, you can edit your slides here. But there is also something called Slide Show mode – here your whole presentation is presented. So full-screen presentation view is enabled.

So let’s say you created a slide “contact us”. But you are not sure whether you’ll use this slide during your presentation/ speech. So you have two options.

The first option is to delete this slide. You had deleted the slide. But now, you changed your decision, you want to show “contact us” slide during your presentation/speech. So now you have to recreate this slide from the scratch. That’s a problem.

So what’s the solution? It’s hiding slides option.

It’s really easy. You just right-click on your slide, then click “Hide Slide”. During edit mode, you will still see this slide, it’ll be a little bit darker to indicate that this slide is hidden. But if you launch Slide Show mode, then this hidden slide will not appear.

Let’s say you want now to unhide that slide. That’s extremely easy. Just right-click on that slide. Select once more “Hide slide”


That’s all. It was a quick article but a useful one.