how to insert lorem ipsum in powerpoint

How to generate LOREM IPSUM? Auto generated text in PowerPoint


Hi! This will be really useful and important Article, so please read it to the end. While you are design a new PowerPoint Slide, of course you are using some shapes, images, icons and fonts. But there is a question. What should you type in those textboxes? Some random letters? No! There is a better way – Lorem Ipsum

As always you can watch video about this content so Lorem Ipsum by clicking right here.


What is Lorem Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum is automaticaly generated text that help designers to see how their projects (e.g. design of slide) will look like. And of course there are some websites that let you generate Lorem Ipsum but it would not be quick to copy Lorem Ipsum from those websites and then pasting in to your PowerPoint textbox every time. Fortunately you can generate Lorem Ipsum natively from PowerPoint!


How to generate Lorem Ipsum in PowerPoint?

The first step – creating a new Textbox. So go to the Insert section and choose Textbox. And now the crucial thing.

In this textbox you need to type “=lorem(x)”.  In brackets(x) type digit from 1 to 3, because this digit indicates how many paragraphs will be generated. So for example let’s type “=lorem(2)” and now we have to just click ENTER on your keyboard. Now, Lorem Ipsum has been generated automatically.

Lorem Ipsum is a game changer and I ALWAYS use this feature in my slide designs.


How to edit and modify Lorem Ipsum in PowerPoint?

Like every other text, you can do everything you want. For instance change a font/ colour, add shadow, chagne size of the font, everything you want because this is just a ormal textbox


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