How to design creative slide in PowerPoint?


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How to create a creative slide in PowerPoint? That’s a good question. Nowadays, creativity is a crucial ability. It will let you stand out from the crowd. Your customers will go back to you.

The main element of this Slide is a photo cropped to this abstract, wavy, rounded shape. So let’s start from here. How to crop photos perfectly to some shape that we created? You will need to merge these shapes. So.


1 – Creating photo cropped to this shape

First of all, we need a photo. A cool and well-matched photo, but also safe photo. Safe photo? Yes, because you really do not want to have some issues with copyrights. So you can’t just copy some photos from Google Images and insert this photo to your project, especially the project for a client. That’s why I used a photo from I really recommend this website because you will find there lots of valuable photos, that you can use for free, for personal but also commercial projects! I chose a photo with a desk, laptop and coffee. So just insert the photo as a normal photo (rectangle size).

Now let’s create these rounded rectangles that the photo will be cropped to. It seems difficult but it’s not. Just insert some rectangles with rounded corners. They must be the same size and gaps between them also have to be the same. Set roundness to the maximum. Now select all of them and group them by shortcut Ctrl + G. Now they are all in one group. So let’s position this group to the left down corner and rotate them as I did in that video. Now let’s regroup them by shortcut Ctrl + Shift + G. Now, we have some of these rectangles, but we want them all as one shape. So select them all and go to Merge Shapes(Shape Format section) and select Union. Now we have all of them as one shape.

Alright so let’s position our photo also to the left down corner and move it to the back by right-clicking on it. We are almost there! Select photo as a first and as a second the shape of these rounded rectangles (because you unioned them earlier). Once more, go to Merge Shape (Shape Format section) and choose Intersect. That’s it!


2 – Set a background

Right-click on empty space, click Format Background. A window will pop up, set Solid Fill and pick a colour that you want, I chose this orange colour. The second way to do so is by inserting rectangle that is the same size as slide, and just placing it on a back. But I recommend the first way.


3 – Creating a title

Just insert a title “Creativity with a coffee”. I chose Nunito font because this font has rounded letters and they will match to our photo cropped to these rounded rectangles. Align title to the left [shortcut – Ctrl + L], and set a white colour.


4 – Body texts

Insert a Text Box. You will find this feature in the Insert section. Type there anything you want. I decided to use Lorem Ipsum – this is automatically generated text. And it’s AMAZING, especially because you can generate it natively from PowerPoint! In a Text Box just type “=lorem(1)”. The digit in brackets means how much paragraphs you will generate. For example 1, 2 or 3. I decided to 1 paragraph. When our 1 Text Box is ready, I just duplicated it, so now we have two of them.


5 – Slide counter

Now a really useful one. Slide counter. How to create a slide counter that will be automatic? Create a new Textbox, when your cursor is inside the Textbox, go to the Insert section and click Slide Number (on the right side, next to the WordArt). That’s it! Now just change colour as you wish. I decided to create a rounded rectangle (set roundness to maximum) on the right top corner of the slide and inside it I placed the slide counter. The rounded rectangle is brown, the slide counter the same colour as a background – so orange.


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