types of presentations

3 Types of Presentations. Don’t make this mistake!


What types of Presentations there are?

Are your PowerPoint Presentations boring? Do your audience start sleeping when you start your speech? Do your audience read your texts on the slide instead of focusing on you? These are some common mistakes done by a lot of people. This will be rather a long Article so please appreciate my effort and share this Article to your friends.


So what types of presentations exist?

That’s a crucial thing to understand. If you understand this one trick, you will improve your presentation EXTREMELY. There are 3 types of Presentations:

  • Presentations for speeches (stage)
  • Slideuments/ Slidedocs
  • Animated Videos

That’s a REALLY important thing. So let’s talk about these 3 types of presentations.


Presentations for speeches (stage) – Type of Presentations number 1

When you enter a stage, you are a speaker. So your audience MUST focus on you. ONLY ON YOU. Presentation is only a tiny help for the speaker and for the audience. On slides that are for presentation for speeches, there must not be too many texts. You can’t just insert some long sentences about the topic you will be describing. When you do so, your audience starts reading your texts, instead of focusing on you. I’m not saying that on presentations for speeches, there cannot be any texts. You can insert some single words. For instance, when you are talking about that your company increased its sales by 28%. Just insert textbox “28%” in the middle of your slide. Of course, it has to be visible, so set font size quite big. Of course, font size depends on the distance between the screen and the audience. Just adjust it.

During Presentations for speeches, you need to insert as many photos as you can. Generally, during this type of presentations, there should be only photos on slides. And some words/ short sentences. Photos can affect feelings of your audience so that’s a really powerful tool. Use them really often. Except for photos, you can use Icons, Charts, Illustrations and other visual elements. To sum up presentations for speeches. YOU MUSTN’T use long texts for example “Our company specialize in creating professional PowerPoint Presentations. We have over 1000 customer around the globe. We deliver high-quality projects and our customers appreciate that”. Just one. You can’t do anything like that. Instead of it, use some words and many photos that are describing what you are saying.

If you start creating Presentations for speeches this way, I showed you, I swear your speeches will be EXTREMELY more powerful and your audience will be listening to you.

Below I attach some good examples of Presentations for speeches

types of presentations  types of presentations

types of presentations  types of presentations


Slideuments/ Slide-docs – Type of Presentations number 2

Usually amators creates slideuments/slide-docs for presentations for speeches. I think you’ve experienced many time, when someone arrive at the stage. Launch his presentations. And then………..
There are loads of texts. So you start reading them. You can’t focus on the speaker because you are reading his boring, long texts. After you read all the texts on slide, the speaker is still talking. But about what? Yeah, we don’t remember anything. We are extremely bored. So we go sleep. That’s death by PowerPoint. So remember. During Presentations for speeches (stage) DO NOT use loads of texts. Only short sentences and single words. And lots of visual elements like icons and photos.

Slideuments/ Slide-docs are presentation that are convenient to read. They are meant to read. So there is no a speaker out there. You can send your Slideument/ Slide-doc via e-mail, or insert it on your social media or website. Usually they are business proposals.

So on Slideuments/ Slide-docs you can insert a lot of texts, because you want your presentation to be read. Not to be presented by a speaker. Here are some examples of good Slideuments/ Slide-docs
types of presentations   types of presentations

types of presentations   types of presentations

As you can see I don’t like insert EXTREMELY long texts, but that’s because people nowadays are visuals and they do not like reading long texts. And also I used Lorem Ipsum on those slides, so if you don’t know what it is – click the link.


Animated Videos – Type of Presentations number 3

Yeah,  you can create animated videos, explainatory videos and promotional videos in PowerPoint. Cool animations too, That’s because of newer versions of PowerPoint, that can use Morph Transition. That’s a game changer. You can create effects that cannot be created in programs like Adobe After Effects and other Animation programs.

Usually, this kind of presentation – animated video, you’ll publish it on your website. Like we did, you can click button “Watch our Animated Video” and then you’ll see our video that has been created fully in PowerPoint. Animated Videos are also good to send via e-mail or publish on social media. But I don’t think it’s the best idea to show an animated video on stage. It really depends. But for sure, if you want to show your animated video to your audience, there MUST NOT be a speaker. I think an animated video at the beginning of the conference is a good choice.

If you want to see examples of Animated Video, you can see our Portfolio on our Home Page.


Types of presentations – summary.

It’s a crucial thing to see the differences between these 3 types of presentations. If you’ll implement these things that I showed you in this Article, you will level up your presentations.


The only reason to give a speech is to change the world. – J.F. Kennedy

So let’s do it with a tiny help from ExcellentSlides 🙂


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